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Virago Cafe

The Virago Cafe was a recent website that I decided to build to share my fondness of the Yamaha Virago and the cafe racers they can become. One of the other reasons I made this site was to bring many of the custom parts we design and make in house here for the DIY builder so that they too can make those one of a kind bikes you normally only see in magazines. Over the next year I am very excited to offer parts like custom triple tree stems that will allow for an easy fork conversion no matter what model bike you have. We are also developing our own triple tree that people can order already with the stem made for their specific bike so they can just bolt on their new front end. Our triple tree is going to be a unique 3 piece design that replaces all the normal extra washers and nuts of standard triple trees with a single split nut making our triple tree the easiest to install on the market hands down. We will also be offering a 2nd version of the triple tree that will offer a very unique set of offset shims that fit around the stem allowing the user to custom set their fork rake. We have various other products like rearset and a rear hub adapter that will allow people to use the rear wheel matching their front fork conversion as a direct bolt on adapter to the rear shaft drive. No longer will people have to have mismatched wheels. We are probably most excited about a new custom air ride suspension we are in development that will replace the rear swing arm shock as well as the seat springs for a much more comfortable air bag system. No longer will people have to choose style over comfort, and all brought to you by Creative Customs and the Virago Cafe!

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