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Universal Brake Light Flasher

  • Alert Those Behind You When Slowing Or Stopping In Traffic!!!

  • 1000+ Different Flashing Modes !!!

  • For Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters, Golf cats, Bicycles and Mopeds.

  • This May Be The Most Important Safety Device You Ever Add To Your Ride!!!

  • It May Prevent You From Being Rear-Ended & It May Even Save Your Life!

  • Works on LED and standard incandescent bulbs .

  • Easy 5min install. Only 3 wires to connect, only 1 wire to cut.

  • Small water-proof package (.1/2" x 1/2" x 1/16") / (14mm x 14mm x 5mm).

  • Microprocessor based for reliability and accuracy of operation. Totally silent no relay clicking sounds.

  • 3rd Brake light flasher creates brake flashing effect from third brake light to catch the attention of drivers behind. The flasher module is a microprocessor based circuit specifically designed for third brake light operations and packaged in a very tiny package so it can fit behind any third brake light assembly. It works on both LED and incandescent bulbs (8amps/100watt max).

  • Made in USA.

  • LifeTime Warranty.

  • Download Manual

Brake light flasher models comparison M2 Model

Number of Flashing Modes Yes

Flashing Modes Yes

Maximum Current 8amp

Incandescent and LED Bulb Support Yes

Continues Clashing Mode Yes

Water resistant Yes

LifeTime Warranty Yes

Working Voltage 6v-14v

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